This Is an apex body of Indian Martial Arts Thang-Ta Huyel Langlon (Thang-Ta), has been duly registered under the societies registration Act XXI of 1860. bearing registration No. S. 38532 of 2001, having its registered office situated at H. No. 3132 A, Arya pura Delhi - 7 and its National Head Quarter at, Huyel Langlon (Thang-Ta) Academy, Yumnam Huidrom, 795008, Manipur (India).

The main object of establishing Thang-Ta Federation of India is to promote the Indian Martial arts Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta, and to established promote training of physical culture, spiritual and moral education in the field of Indian Martial Arts Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta to the youth and ages, and to used weapons such as Sword, Stick, Spear, Chaibee and other weapons etc and free hand skills in the method of Thang-Ta games and cultural activity programmes and to organised cultural exchange, camps, programmes, festivals, exhibitions, workshop, seminar, orientation refreshers courses in the level of zonal, National and International standards and to organised, sponsore, Thang-Ta champoinship, festivals at the levels of Zonal, National and International and to participate in the tournaments, championships sport festivals, cultural camp, youth camp, seminar sponsored or organised by World Thang-Ta Council and Meitei Huyel Langlon academy. International head quarter manipur and other departments under Govt. of India and foreign countries and to affiliate only one Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association from every state in India and to spread / training Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta to all states of this country and foreigned countries under the guidance of / theory of Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Academy, International Head quarter Manipur India and to recognised all the players, instructors of Thang-Ta martial Arts residing in India and foreign countries, who were identified and promoted to their trainings and awarded to a grade by the Meitei Huyel Langlon Academy, International Head Quarter, Manipur and to control styles and rules of Thang-Ta Games for all states and national levels and to promote the sense of National Integration among the different sections of state, countries and to manage institutions / academy for training of Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta arts.

Thang-Ta Federation of India has a total of 27 affiliated state units / Associations as on this date and had conducted 17th times National Thang-Ta Competitions Since 1993 at different states of India and one Federation Cup and one World Thang-Ta Competition. The state units in the country had been used to conducting Inter District and Inter college competitions since 1993. The Game of Thang-Ta has been recognised by the Indian Olympic Association Since 2006.

Beside this world bodies of Thang-Ta Asian Thang-Ta Federation, World Thang-Ta Council and World Thang-Ta Federation, were formed for the promotion of Thang-Ta martial arts game. Thang-Ta is an indigenous martial arts game, orginated from Manipur, India has now become very popular and promoted in the country and abroad through this federation and possess utility.