All Maharashtra ThangTa Association is an state level body constituated duly registered under societies registration Act 1860 ( 21 of 1860 ) and P. T. Act 1950 (29 of 1950 ) having its registered office at C/o M.K.Dhuldhar, Yadav Bldg. Behind HVPM, Shrinathwadi, AMRAVATI-444 605. The date of commencement of establishment of AMTTA , is 24th Nov. 1993 and had registered in the year 2009, having affiliated 29 Districts units in Maharashtra state for the purpose of Thang-Ta Martial Arts promotion.

AMTTA is working for the several activities to promote Indian Martial Arts Thang-Ta Sports and Cultural promotion and to develop Thang-Ta sportsmanship for youth in the state of Maharashtra, providing education and training to the young and aged in the aspects of movements in physical, mental, spiritual and morality with defence methods in the field of Thang –Ta Martial Arts, Sports and Culture of India, and to instruct defence methods in Thang-Ta Martial Arts, sport activities, demonstrations and play of Thang-Ta Martial Arts with and without weapons such as sword, spear, stick, cheibee (sporting weapons) and to provide free hand skill of defence in sportsmanship of Thang-Ta to the young & aged. And to organized cultural exchange camps, programmes, exhibitions , workshops, seminars, orientation refresher courses in the level of District, Zone,State,National,and International Standard and to organized, sponsor Thang-Ta Championships at the level of District, State,National and international and to participate same which come to be organized by Thang-Ta Federation of India, World Thang-Ta Council, Meitei Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Academy Manipur, Thang-Ta Varsity Maharashtra (AMLSVSPM) Amravati, and other departments under Government of India and state of Maharashtra and foreign contries and to control style and rules of Thang-Ta Game for all District and state level and to promote the sense of national integration among the different sections of Districts, State , National and to manage institutation, Academies for training of Huyel langlon THANG-TA Martial Arts Sports and culture.